UK regulator the OGA fail to conduct financial health checks on Third Energy for over 2 years despite concerns over the fracking firms financial stability

A Frack Free North Yorkshire (FFNY) investigation has revealed that the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) which is widely seen as a key government body for regulating the Fracking industry,  hasn't completed a financial 'competence' check on Third Energy since November 2014, despite the controversial fracking firm recording a loss of over £3million in its latest set of published … [Read more...]

Government opens up large areas of North Yorkshire for fracking

Just before Christmas, the Government granted Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDLs) for large parts of North Yorkshire. The licences grant exclusive access to operators and are the first step in the regulatory for companies wanting to carry out fracking and other oil and gas drilling. To find out how these PEDLs affect your local area, check the Oil and Gas … [Read more...]

Bad news for North Yorkshire as the UK government leases more land to the fracking industry

The UK government has this week announced the results of the 14th onshore PEDL licensing round. The latest announcement by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC ) confirms that large areas of North Yorkshire and beyond have been sold off to the UK fracking industry. This move is likely to further anger residents of North Yorkshire, 86% of whom are against … [Read more...]