Ryedale District council rejects Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton Fracking application in overwhelming vote

Ryedale District council voted overwhelmingly in favour to reject Third Energy’s fracking plans at Kirby Misperton.

Ryedale District Council’s planning committee recommended refusal of the scheme to frack the existing KM8 well. The vote was seven for refusal, one abstention and two against – though it is thought these were the result of pushing the wrong button. Therefore none of the councillors were in favour. This decision will send a strong message to North Yorkshire County Council that they should support the district council and reject Third Energy’s panning application.


Reaction to Ryedale Council vote against Third Energy fracking plan via Drill or Drop; 15th March 2016

Frack Free Ryedale described the news as “absolutely fantastic”. But Third Energy stressed Ryedale District will not make the final decision – that will be left to North Yorkshire County Council.

Cllr Di Keal said:

“This was a great decision by members of the planning committee who have sent a resounding message to the county council that we don’t want to see this hugely damaging industry decimate Ryedale.

“But this is just one hurdle – the bigger battle will come when the County Council meet to make a decision on the Third Energy application next month. This is one of the biggest decisions that county council members will ever have to make which will have a major impact on the area for generations to come. I hope that they will listen carefully to the views of the local people they represent.

“Ryedale has shown that this is shouldn’t be a party political decision – tonight’s decision had cross-party support – it should be made on what is right for Ryedale residents now and in the future”.


Sue Gough, Frack Free Kirby Misperton, wrote:

“Feeling overwhelmed and emotional: Ryedale District Council just voted against plans to frack at the well in Kirby Misperton. I know this is not the end of the fight but it’s a great victory none the less.

“Many thanks to all the councillors and administrative people involved, thank you also to the 60-70 supporters who turned out with banners and good cheer on a cold night. Such a relief!”

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Helz Cuppleditch, an anti-fracking campaigner in southern England, said

“Although the decision lies with North Yorkshire County Council, the fact that another local council is against fracking is HUGE… well done to all our friends in Ryedale and beyond for all your hard work. There’s no such thing as SAFE fracking.”

Friends of the Earth’s Yorkshire Campaigner, Simon Bowens, told ITV it was “great news” for the people of Ryedale.

The councillors have listened to the people they represent who are rightly concerned about the impacts fracking could have on their health, environment and local economy.

“We now call upon the North Yorkshire councillors to reject the application when it is put before them next month.”


Third Energy's drilling at Kirby Misperton in 2013
Third Energy’s drilling at Kirby Misperton in 2013

Gazette and Herald; 15th March 2016

A COUNCIL chamber packed with around 100 anti-fracking demonstrators resounded with a cheer this evening as Ryedale District Council decided to vote against the plan to frack at Kirby Misperton.

The council voted on a motion by Cllr Fiona Farnell to object to the proposal, which was seconded by Cllr Lindsay Burr MBE.

It was carried with seven votes for, one abstention and two against – though it is thought these were the result of pushing the incorrect button

The council voted after a lengthy period of questions and debate, with statements by people both against and for fracking, including Third Energy’s operations director John Dewer.

The District Council decision will now inform the County Council’s decision which will follow in a matter of weeks.

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