Please help us stop fracking in Yorkshire; Please print off and display one of our fantastic new posters. Simply click on the links below, hit print and display in your window, village notice board or shop front;

protect our community #dontfrackyorkshire

protect our environment #dontfrackYorkshire

protect our health #dontfrackyorkshire

protect our children #dontfrackYorkshire

stop the noise #dontfrackYorkshire

protect our wildlife poster #dontfrackYorkshire

protect our water #dontfrackYorkshire

protect our future #dontfrackYorkshire

protect our farming #dontfrackyorkshire

protect our air #dontfrackYorkshire


Please also help by completing one of the 3 actions below;

  1. Write to North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee Members
  2. Write to your NYCC County Councillor
  3. Join us at County Hall in Northallerton in April

See below for more details on what to do and how to do it

Fracking in North Yorkshire: What’s the latest?

It’s likely that North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee will make the decision about the planning application for a test frack and production at KM8 (Kirby Misperton) towards the end of spring 2016 (the agreed extension date for a decision is 29th April 2016).

This means we each have only a few weeks to make a difference as the committee meeting is anticipated to be at the end of Spring 2016 – watch this site. NYCC Councillors on the PLANNING COMMITTEE will determine the KM8 application to either allow, or refuse planning permission for fracking in North Yorkshire. Of the 6 Ryedale County Councillors, none of them are on the NYCC Planning Committee so it’s imperative that NYCC hear your views.

Why is it important to take action now?

Should this application be approved, it will set a precedent in planning terms for the gas industry. Given the recent awarding of many licences around North Yorkshire, we can expect a rapid industrialisation of our rural county that does not have the infrastructure to support the industry. Remember there is this one chance to stop the industry and if it is not seized there will be no going back. The changes to our locality and legacy of the industry left to our children and grandchildren will be irreversible.

I’m a resident – what can I do?

If you do not want to see fracking in our beautiful county and you live in North Yorkshire, please

  1. Write to North Yorkshire County Council Planning Committee Members. Here’s a sample letter to start you off , but remember that writing about your own concerns in your own words will have more impact. Have a look here if you want to include more detail.
  2. Write to your NYCC County Councillor
  3. Look out for the date of the NYCC Planning Committee (on this site). Please join us to demonstrate when the Planning Committee meet to decide this application, and then pack the chamber with local people opposed to fracking in our County.

Business owners

If you run a business, it’s REALLY important to NYCC that you make your views known. There are NO councillors on the Planning Committee from Ryedale and they may simply not yet understand the issues, or the risks to existing local businesses. They will give great weight to letters from people who run businesses. There is a letter template for businesses you may wish to edit to reflect your views, and more details on risks and issues here.

What if I live outside of North Yorkshire?

If you live outside of North Yorkshire County Council area please send a general letter of objection to the NYCC planning application rather than writing to councillors, as they will most likely ignore any letters you send to them. Here’s the page with more detail on planning objections to help you out.


Do you have any tips about what to write?

  1. It’s important to write polite letters, postcards and/or emails perhaps including images and details of YOUR connection to this county. You may have been born, live or worked here. You could be a frequent returning visitor or you may be a resident of another part of North Yorkshire or beyond with concerns about fracking.
  2. Include your own name and address
  3. Tell the councillors the reasons why you oppose fracking. Here are a few suggestions. Your own words and concerns will be more powerful:
    1. Large areas of Yorkshire (see – http://frackfreeryedale.org/14thround/) are licenced for fracking, but councillors currently have power to turn down applications such as the KM8 application in Ryedale, just half a mile away from major tourist attraction Flamingo Land, residents and within eyesight of the North York Moors National Park.
    2. A leaked government letter recently indicated that national government ministers would like to approve large scale fracking applications with hundreds of wells across our countryside once exploratory fracking had been approved locally. SO to stop fracking in the rest of the county, we all need to stop this application.
    3. Traffic – thousands of HGV movements in narrow country roads and tranquil villages
    4. Noise, Vibration, Light – 24 hours, 7 days a week, from fracking operations, and traffic, well above background levels, causing sleep disturbance and nuisance
    5. Air Pollution – spikes in nitrogen dioxide levels harmful to health, inadequate monitoring, fugitive methane leaks
    6. Damage to the existing tourist industry
    7. Effect on property insurance
    8. Industrialisation of the landscape/countryside through the cumulative impact of thousands of wells
    9. Potential for the contamination of drinking water

For more information about fracking and updates, please visit the local websites: Frack Free Ryedale http://frackfreeryedale.org/; Frack Free North Yorkshire http://frackfreenorthyorkshire.com/ ; and specifically the latest update on how to object to KM8

 KM sign

How do I find out who to write to?

  • To find your NYCC Councillor by postcode use this link http://www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/28684/Find-your-local-councillor
  • or alternatively https://www.writetothem.com/
  • If your NYCC Councillor is not on the NYCC Planning Committee (none of the Councillors representing Ryedale are on the Committee), it’s important to ask your Councillor to represent your views at the Planning Committee meeting.       NYCC Councillors have a right to speak at the NYCC Planning Committee if they request to do so in advance.

List of NYCC Planning Committee Members

  1. Councillor Peter Sowray, Treble Sykes Farm, Helperby, York, YO61 2SB cllr.peter.sowray@northyorks.gov.uk
  2. Councillor Robert Packham, 4 Sir Johns Lane, Sherburn in Elmet, LS25 6BJ cllr.robert.packham@northyorks.gov.uk
  3. Councillor John McCartney,15 Hawthorn Garth, Kellington, Goole, DN14 0PB cllr.john.mccartney@northyorks.gov.uk
  4. Councillor Clifford Lunn, 18 Fordlands, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby YO8 9PD cllr.cliff.lunn@northyorks.gov.uk
  5. Councillor Andrew Lee, East Wing, Grimston Park, Tadcaster, LS24 9DB cllr.andrew.lee@northyorks.gov.uk
  6. Councillor David Ireton, Westfields, Chapel le dale, Ingleton via Carnforth, LA6 3JP cllr.david.ireton@northyorks.gov.uk
  7. Councillor Bill Hoult, 8 Manor Rd, Knaresborough, HG5 0BN cllr.bill.hoult@northyorks.gov.uk
  8. Councillor Robert Heseltine,The Ginnel Place,Newmarket St,Skipton BD23 2JP cllr.robert.heseltine@northyorks.gov.uk
  9. Councillor Robert Windass, 12 Harness Lane, Boroughbridge, York YO51 9PF cllr.robert.windass@northyorks.gov.uk
  10. Councillor David Blades, Greenways, Bullamoor Rd, Northallerton, DL6 3QW cllr.david.blades@northyorks.gov.uk
  11. Councillor Cliff Trotter, 17 Fullwith Road, Harrogate, HG2 8HL cllr.cliff.trotter@northyorks.gov.uk
  12. Councillor David Jeffels, Leader of the Council, Orchard Cottage, 19 Hall Garth Lane,West Ayton, Scarborough, YO13 9JA cllr.david.jeffels@northyorks.gov.uk
  13. Councillor Carl Les, Leader of the Council/Conservative Group Leader, The Rosary, Kirklington, Bedale DL8 1DZ cllr.carl.les@northyorks.gov.uk

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Use your own words; copied and pasted identical messages are likely to be blocked and not read. Be polite but express how strongly you feel.
  • Sending the same email to multiple councillors is ineffective. Addressing councillors individually encourages Councillors to read and respond to your communication. We do not know which Councillors prefer letters in writing or email, so if you wish to do both, please do.


And the final word from Ryedale District Council… ‘Recommendation to NYCC that Ryedale District Council recommends refusal of the application. The proposed development is likely to have significant adverse impacts in relation to noise, air quality, ecology, disposal of waste water, additional disturbance from HGVs and likely detrimental impacts on the tourist economy. The proposal is therefore contrary to planning policies contained in the adopted Ryedale Plan – Local Plan Strategy’.

Do you want help us stop fracking?

If you want to help us stop fracking in North Yorkshire and beyond please join your local ‘frack-free’ group. Click on the link for more details